Was Your Property Damaged or Polluted With Smoke, Soot, or Ash From The Dixie Fire?

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Dixie Fire Contaminated and Affected Areas

The Invisible Threats From Smoke, Soot, or Ash

The Smoke, Soot & Ash debris from the Dixie Fire, which began around July 14, 2021, has affected many homes around Plumas County and many surrounding areas.

While much of these Smoke, Soot, and Ash particles might not be visible to the bare eye, the debris is still present and may cause health complications. Even if you have conducted some clean-up of the common living areas, Smoke & Ash particles will continue to remain in your central heating and air conditioning units, ducts, attic insulation, walls, furniture, driveway, roof, and clothing. This may cause allergies and other health hazards if not professionally restored.

Please refer to the illustrations to see microscopic images of the type of Char, Soot, and Ash that may be found in homes near you are.

Microscopic Images Of Hidden Health Threats

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